Portal User Groups

The restricted-access Portal is designed to provide detailed support, guidance and advice to those stakeholders who are involved in the delivery of live Partnerships and to those whole may be new to KTP and engaging for the first time.

If you are new to KTP and registering for the first time please read carefully the different user types options below so that you understand to which Group you should belong. This is important as once you start the registration process you may be asked to select which Group you wish belong to. Individuals who are from an academic institutions will be expected to provide a recognised University or College email address and a land line telephone number.

If you already have a Portal Account that may have lapsed please arrange for your account to be reinstated and do not attempt create a duplicate account.

When you attempt to register for the first time the portal checks against information we already hold about you on the KTP database and if it recognizes you from your name, academic institution and email address, you will not be asked to select which user group you wish to belong to.

Academic staff not yet linked to a Partnership should select the 'KTP Office' User Group to enable them to gain access to important KTP documents.

If you are looking for employment and seeking to register as a potential Associate do not attempt to register here on the Portal but make use of the following link: http://info.ktponline.org.uk/action/prospective/profile.aspx?new=1

  • KB Financial Office User - Persons responsible for submitting claim
  • KB KTP Office User - General Support staff not yet linked to a Live Partnership
  • KB Partnership Administrator - KB Staff with the role of KB Admin in a live project
  • KB Lead Academic - Linked to a live project
  • Supervisor - Nominated KTP Supervisors from both the company and KB